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Spinoza Society of Japan

Established in Tokyo, 1989, Spinoza Kyokai is a voluntary association of Spinoza readers in Japan. Spinoza Kyokai publishes annually in Japanese a refereed journal,Spinozana,as well as a quarterly newsletter, and hosts four to six lectures a year in the Tokyo and Kyoto areas. The association has been one of the five research groups around the world involved in the publication of Studia Spinozana , an international, interdisciplinary series.

Executive Board (FY2016/2017)


Spinoza Kyokai
c/o Prof. N. Sakurai, Meiji Univ.
1-9-1 Eifuku, Suginami-ku
Tikyo, 168-8555 Japan
spinsockijima @nifty.com (delete the space before the at-mark)
Taizo Kijima, secretary

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