Johnan-Sanjin's works  D. Calligraphy in ancient Chinese Characters 4

D-1.Sha-rin(from Shi-kyoh

following the style of "koh-ba mei-sho" (Shun-juh)

Japanese frame


D-2.Shin-rai(from Koku-go

 Rumbling thunder


D-3.Kei-koh Gyuh-go(from Sen-goku saku

 means becoming a leader even of trivial things like a herd of fowls. Don't become a subordinant of great things like a herd of bulls.


hanging scroll

owned by Mr. Yasushi Sakamoto

D-4.Sei-yoh Kai-doh(from Ko-shi gen

 Means that the deity of spring gets into action, and spring comes.


hanging scroll

owned by Mr. Itsuroh Yamamoto

D-5.Go-huh Juh-u(from Ron-koh

 Wind in every five days and rain in every ten days - meaning mild climate in China.


D-6.Sei-nen(by Toh Emmei

 Youth doesn't come around again. There is no such thing as two mornings in a day.

Kim-bun (Toh-SHUH)

D-7.Haku-un yoh(from Boku ten-shi den

Kim-bun (Toh-SHUH)

D-8.Hukuju-kai Mu-ryoh(from Hoke-kyoh

 Infinite good fortunes come together like big waves of the ocean.


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