Johnan-Sanjin's works  E. Calligraphy in ancient Chinese Characters 5

E-1.Fuh-jin Rai-jin

 The god of the wind and the god of thunder


folding screen

owned by Mr. Junji Kusuki

E-2.Shin hu-zai(from Dai-gaku

 When you think otherwise, you can see nothing, though you actually see something, and hear nothing, though you hear something.

following the characters of Chuh-zan (Sen-goku)

E-3.Soh-ba(from Ko-shi gen

 If you decide the good or bad of a horse,decide by the way it draws carriage: If you judge people, judge them by the way they live.

following the characters of Chuh-zan (Sen-goku)

E-4.Hyaku-ri(from Sen-goku saku

 Those who want to go a long distance - such as a hundred miles - think of 90 miles a half way .

following the Characters of So (Sen-goku)

hanging scroll

owned by Ms. Miho Natsumeda

E-5.Ko-gyo(from Ko-shi gen

 Dried fish weeps while crossing a river. It's useless to weep.

following the characters of stamp called Im-bun (Sen-goku)

Japanese frame

E-6.Ichi-jin(from Heki-gan roku

 Even the minutest grain of cosmic dust includes the whole wide world.


Japanese frame


E-7.Zan-dan(by To Ho

 Cut off


Japanese frame


E-8.Seki-yoh Soh (from In-go san)

 A study with the window which the setting sun is shinnig in through


Japanese frame

E-9.Mu Ichi-motsu Mu-jin zoh

 Nothing to have is everything to be had.

Shoh-ten & Rei-sho

sliding door

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