Pictures and illustrations of ancient Chinese Characters

Koh-kotsu and calligraphy on the cow scapula (shoulder blade).

Koh-kotsu bun in the Taku-hon style.

Taku-hon is a kind of print in China , which can exactly be printed taking advantage of the concave or convex surface of materials. It was practiced before the age of printing technique. It's like a practice of lubbing the paper spread on a coin, but done more excellently.

This koh-kotsu bun is on a belly carapace of a tortoise.

A bronze rhinocer in IN period. Kin-bun inscribed in it in Taku-hon style.

bronze in IN period

bronze in the early Sei-SHUH period

Sei-SHUH ki Kin-bun printed in the Taku-hon

Copper vessels in Sei-SHUH era.

Clear calligraphy on the bottom.

So Chikkan

Calligraphy on the bamboo pieces.


So Haku-sho

Calligraphy on a silk sheet

Taku-hon of Toh-SHUH ki Kim-bun

Seki-bun called 'Sekko-bun'

"Koh-kotsu bun hen"

"Kim-bun hen"

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