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Japonais écrit au Extra-romanisé (JER): Könö PAGE pha, ts'në-ni Kongzhi-chung des'. :-)
Version Japonaise écrite au Mana-Kana traditionel (JMK)

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ALA: Comfy Music Life
I never live without Music! 3D SoundVQ Library is NEW!
thru COMPUTER MUSIC CENTER [a Computer Music Search Engine]
I can recommend one of YAMAHA XG series as a good musical tone generator.
Up to MS-IE, I had solved auto-install problem for MIDPLUG PLAY and KEYBOARD controls. At [View][the Internet Option...], you should set security middle or freer and accept ActiveX, please.
Obsolete way: Even using MS-IE(4.01/Win32), PIANO KEYBOARD does NOT appear when you installed only MIDPLUG.
First, refuse accepting ActiveX on this page, Go here(YAMAHA) and do auto-install (accept ActiveX in setting middle-security).
Second, then reload this page and again accept ActiveX, please.
JMK: Bulletin/Notice Board on "Music 4 U"
(Yet Another :-p) Request for Comments.
Using PCC10XG (YAMAHA®'s minimum XG tone generator) and supplementally E-mu®8000 (SB-AWE64G).
Analog mastering, 22kHz/20kbps/ch stereo (the sound quality as a half of CompactDisc).
There are some momentary break of sound because of using old Hi-8 video tape for analog mastering.
A Variation on the Theme from "Saraba Uchuusenkwan YAMATO (Requiem)," [Good-bye the Space Cruiser YAMATO, forever!], or very famous animation music in Japan NEW MASTER! To Mr.©Miyagawa, Crearing Copyrights Pending.
"Mr. Toriumi, Kazumi", the Musical Artist comments here
Please listen using good quality PA(amplifier(s) and speakers). At least Sony®SRS-PC71(the actual price: ¥9,800.-) or headphones set.
ISDN (Digital Network) 64kbps is good enough. Though, 28.8kbps modem will attempt to pre-download 50%.
Anti-breaking Tips at the first time:
  1. Get started playing, immediately pause, wait to do nothing but an another tune.
  2. Invoke the PLAYER, push SET button, set up perfect play.
28.8kbps modem is good enough.
No special tone generator but SoundVQ is required.
FAVORABLE RECEPTION pulls a Special Program out: "Fight to the Death" from Reproduction radio-drama "Good-bye the Space Cruiser YAMATO"
This program is posted as a support (explanation, report) to understand that what work(spirit of the age) is the target of my requiem.
Misunderstanding Correction: This radio-drama closely follows the original, at the lowest noise reductions, that was LIVE radio broadcasted in those days by ©Nippon Housou, Radio Broadcasting System.
- No synthesized part from the drama version LP records. - Clearing Copyrights Pending., thank you.
JMK: A New JAPONIC languages Grammar ever taught NOT at school
"What? You mean Grammar? I would not like to read them..."
Wait! They will be really for you if you are interested in "Yamatai", or a most famous archaic Japanese country, Romance.
I will talk to you exciting Japanese stories. Check it out!
It was said that there are about 3,000 languages in the world, oh Babel !.
Japanese is one of the main-languages having many speakers/writers, 1st: Chinese, 2nd: English, 3rd: Russian, 4th: Hindu, 5th: Spanish, and 6th: Japanese.
In ca.1500 A.D., English speaking people were only 5 millions, you know, though Japanese speaking people were 18 millions!
Last but not least, "Why don't you learn this powerful Japanese systematically ?"
JMK: Economics
Sorry, may cause File Not Found.
ALA: Download Library
ALA: Hot'n'Cool List
Link! Link! Link it out!
ALA: Specification
My VERY-recommendation and NEVER-recommendation (Sing: Take Me To The Moon, in other words, darling, Yet Another Mine-Sweeper Info.) here.
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