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Jdate Script: UP! Comfy Reply Pack ver. beta for Jdate with MUA Denshin 8 go(Win32).
freeware, author: kitty (it's me).
comfrepl.cmp 16 KB (text/plain, then click right button and save as the name, please.)
There is the Jdate Mailing-List, named "The JD Club".

Application: Personal Dictionary for Windows 32
Reasonable(¥1,000) shareware, author: TaN.
pdw32324.lzh 520 KB
Resource: SIL Encore IPA93 Fonts (TrueType® Fonts)
It's a freeware version.
International Phonetic Association fonts. author: The Summer Institute of Linguistics.
silipa93.exe 566 KB
I can recommend one of YAMAHA XG series as a good musical tone generator.
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