This building is a court house for a family, consists of two walls for vertical plates and one slab for horizontal plate. The site of building is in a new residential area. Living space opened to natural environment with protecting resident's privacy. The interior space and the exterior space are flatly interconnected. Two court spaces on the south and north side link a public room on the west side with a private room on the east side for an inside room or an outside court space.The public room is a one room lined up kitchen, dining, living, and The private room is a variable space includes a compartment and master bedroom by mobile furniture. The core box sized 2.4Mx1.8Mx9M sets out in the center of the plan, and it includes bathroom, closet and various facilities, and divides or interlinks public room and private room. All rooms face toward any one of court spaces and it establishes a living environment with elements of natural light, wind or green prescinded in architectural constituent element. This project means an extension of concept for house by reconstructing a architecture from abstract phase with crossing from detail to whole of architecture.

  • Location : Hiroshima, Japan
  • Program : residence
  • Structural system : steel frame
  • Site area : 201.96 m2
  • Building area : 89.68 m2
  • Total floor area : 89.68 m2
completion date : 2008.04
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