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12/08/01@Cressida CDs by Esoteric Records in Septemver 24th!!
CD "Trapped In Time : The Lost tapes" (ECLEC22347)
2CD "The Vertigo Years Anthology 1969-1971" (ECLEC22348/9)

12/07/29@Updated "Biography" page & my "Trapped In Time : The Lost tapes"review.

12/07/18@"FARFEST 2012" is cancelled.. @"FARFEST 2012" will not hold....@@

11/12/30@Reunion Cressida will play at "FARFEST 2012" in October 2012!? (Sakura)

11/12/10@Reunion Cressida's setlist was following.
Live st The Underworld, Cambridge, London December 2nd 2011!! (CressidaFB)
02.The Only Earthman In Town
03.Winter Is Coming Again
04.One Of A Group
05.Lights In My Mind
06.Something I Said
07.Wind In The Night
09.Spring 69
10..Down Down
15.To Play Your Little Game
17.Let Them Come When They Will
18.Tomorrow Is A Whole New Day

11/11/30  Reunion Cressida did warm-up gig at Inverness in November 29th. We can see "Cressida" they played then on here.

11/11/02@Cressida will be released new album "TRAPPED IN TIME: THE LOST TAPES" as 750 limited 180 gram LP by Record Collector in November 2011. Tracks are following.
Side One:
1. To Play Your Little Game 3.09
2. Winter Is Coming Again 3.51
3. Cressida 4.03
4. Depression 3.30
5. Sad Eyed Fairy 3.15
6. Lights In My Mind 3.15
Side Two:
1. Let Them Come When They Will 3.02
2. Situation 3.26
3. The Only Earthman In Town 3.40 *
4. Down Down 4.29 *
5. Mental State 3.39 *
Original keyboard player Lol Coker played on this lost tape except B3-5. Peter Jennings played 3 tracks (*) only. CD will be released in Next year...

11/10/14@Cressida will be released new album "TRAPPED IN TIME: THE LOST TAPES" in November 2011. (CressidaFB)

11/09/13@Sounds Great!! Cressida Reunion!!! They will play at The Underworld, Cambridge, London December 2nd 2011!! Member are Angus Cullen (vo), Iain Clark (dr), Kevin McCarthy (b), Peter Jennings (key), and Roger Niven (g). (Cressida.com)

10/01/16@Sad news! John Heyworth passed away in January 2010.. R.I.P. (Thankks to Pasi Koivu for the info)

08/03/29@Unfortunately my PC was broken, and I lost Kevin's email address. I have to wait for email from him.... Hi Kevin, please email me!!

07/11/24@"Cressida's Asylum Special Limited Boxset" will be released by Disk Union in December 19th, 2007. The boxset will included following 5 CDs as paper sleeve collection.
@Khan / Space Shanty
@Dr.Z / Three Parts To My Soul
@Fantasy / Paint A Picture
@Cressida / Asylum
@Clear Blue Sky / Clear Blue Sky
The pre-order is November 24th. The price is 10,705 yen (incl.tax).

07/05/12 Cressida's 1st album will be reissued as paper sleeve jacket CD by Universal International Japan in July 25th, 2007. The CD number is UICY-93267. Maybe this reissued CD will be made as Digital Remastering.

06/11/28 I've changed my email address. Please check this out.

04/09/11 About the 1st Cressida album. There were no credits on the original LP or the CD reissue. However I picked up my credit all the songs to Angus Cullen, because the reviewer of Japanese reissue CD wrote "Angus Cullen wrote all lyrics on the 1st album. Recently both Cressida albums were re-released in one package and this time the authors were credited!! Please check this out. (Theanks to Aymeric Leroy for the info)

04/09/01 Lately Kevin found Angus Cullen and Iain Clark. They both live in Scotland. Kevin is planning to go over later this year to meet them.

03/09/30 The tunes Cressida played on stage is updated on site!! They played some cover tunes. The Doors, The Drifters, Spirit etc.

03/08/04 Kevin remember Cressida's original keyboards player. His name is Lol Coler. First line-up recorded some demo, for example "Lights In My Mind". However Lol left the Band soon. Peter Jennings replaced in stead of Lol.

03/07/12 Kevin McCarthy supports this site now. Kevin and I try to find Iain. If you can help us, please email me. (Thanks to Mr.Kevin for the info and friendship!!)

03/03/16 "Shadows of Iain Clark" site was opened.