1-A Receiver, late version with WWV and Xtal-calibrator. The R.L. Drake Model 1-A is an amateur-band receiver designed for single sideband reception. No compromise has been made in its excellent sideband performance in an effort to receive other types of transmission. The important requirement s for good sideband reception which are full filled by the 1-A are frequency stability, proper AVC action, continuous sideband tuning, correct pass band and audio response characteristics, distortion-free product detection, reasonable tuning rate, and instantaneous muting and recovery. With respect to these points and to simple, functional design, this receiver sets new standards in sideband reception. The receiver also works very well on CW due to the similarity between the requirements for reception for CW and SSB. Almost every feature built into the 1-A for SSB is also desirable for CW. AM signals are treated just like SSB. The highly selective filter removes all but one sideband; then detection is the same as for SSB. In many respects this type of AM reception is superior to that using envelope detection. The outward appearance of the 1-A is modem, functional and worthy of its well-engineered contents. The uniquely shaped cabinet is designed to occupy a minimum of desk space. The receiver is made self-sufficient by including an internal speaker .

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