I will stop ordering portraits for a while.

EMS with tracking number to the United States has resumed.
Portraits to the United States that could not be shipped until now will be shipped after this.

Special portrait
Color, watercolor, 195mm x 265mm
by Shintaro kago
signed ? = Yes
Creation time: About one months

*Shipping charges include handling charges.

Please choose from 50 choices.
Multiple selection possible.
Also please attach a photo of your face to portrait.
The upper limit of the image size is 4 MB.

Please be prepaid.
The payment method will be emailed.

It will be shipped by EMS (Express Mailing Service).
Mailing time is about 2 to 3 weeks.
The EMS has a tracking number and the post office will email you the delivery status.
* EMS to Canada, Australia and South America has not been resumed.


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If you would like to order work from Shintaro Kago,
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