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We will be close this web page address "http://www1.odn.ne.jp/maya/" by March 1st 2024.
Our site will relocated https://kanzashi-maya.com https://www.annex-maya.com/ and this web address will close permanently with effect of 31 March 2024.
Sadly ODN is closing web service and we wish to thank all of those people at ODN who made this service possible for over 25 years.

We think that you do not understand Japanese text site, so we will let you know right after we update it.
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Japanese Traditional Arts & Crafts by MAYA

Welcome to our "MAYA" web site.
We MAYA founded in 1990 is a family-run enterprise in the best tradition with high professionalism.
We are making the decorative battledore( HAGOITA doll ), Traditional Hairpiece( KANZASHI ) and Oshie crafts.
You will find JapaneseTraditional uniquely designed. We are making from the design of kabuki or ukiyoe.
There is also an original work.Each Hagiota is carefully created and no two are exactly alike.
All Kanzashi are handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail and quality.
We hope that our customers could find as much pleasure in our traditional products as we have found in producing them.
We hope you enjoy our web site.

hagoita HAGOITA

Hagoita are richly decorated wooden paddles, traditonally given as new year's gifts to girls.The Paddle is usually decorated with elaborate padded cloth faces of geishas or actors, using an art form called "oshie". The old year's paddles are supposed to be burned at the end of the year.
hagoita doll

Oshie Crafts

Traditional Silk Crafts "Oshi-e".
Oshie were extremely popular items along the whole 19th century. The dolls were Kimono silks, that were cut and fitted to padded cardboard outlines usually representing either a Geisha, or a Samurai. Hands and faces were then hand painted, and the whole very much in the style of the Ukiyo-e and Nihon-ga.
oshie crafts


Tsumami-Kanzashi or Hana(flower) Kanzashi, the long fluttering flower is characteristic of maiko. These are created by Japanese artisans from squares of habutai silk by a technique known as tsumami. Each square is multiply folded with the aid of pincers and cut into a single petal. These are attached to backings of metal to create whole flowers, or attached to silken threads to create strings of blossom. Butterflies and birds are also common in this art form. Additional detailing of stamens is created by the use of mizuhiki, which is a strong thin twine made from washi paper, and is often coloured and used for decorative works.

Kanzashi are hair ornaments, used to create traditional hairstyles.Kanzashi came into wide use during the Edo period. During that era artisans created more decorative, elegant and expensive ornaments that mimicked the same trend in kimono design.
Maya Kanzashi
Habutai : Konno Silk in Kawamata
Dyeing : Uzen Kenren in Tsuruoka

KANZASHI is made carefully. The beautiful cloth of a plum and a chrysanthemum is using the silk. And it has finished dyeing skillfully. All of fine work are handmade and are beautiful kanzashi.
Well-matched at your hair ornament.


Shiro Suzuki : Website, E-mail, Hagoita
Yuriko Suzuki : Product Design, Hagoita, Kanzashi
Kanzashi Staff : Ms Arai, Doi, Koshizuka,
Hagoita Staff : Ms Yoda, Shimizu, Fukuchi,
Ms Ogino, Hukushima, Tatebayasi.

Japanese Traditional Arts & Crafts

Koubou Maya Ningyou (Japanese Name)
Location : 3-118-2, Beppu, KUMAGAYA City,
Saitama Prefecture JAPAN 360-0856
Traffic access : JR Takasaki Line Kagohara station